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KoalaBrain - Smooth EPOS and Shop Management
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KoalaBrain provides simple and extensible networked, touch friendly and affordable Point Of Sales Software for Windows 10 and macOS

We used to have a shiny site that promised the world, but we got tired of writing self congratulary snippets telling you how great our software is.

Everyone does that, and it isn't helpful when choosing the right software to meet your clients' business and technical requirements.

Instead, we'll let our software speak for itself. Free trials are always available to download, and our documentation is public. Our current prices can be found on our Online Portal, where you can purchase licenses or start a trial.

You can install the software in a few minutes and then check out our thorough documentation to see if our solution is appropriate for you or your clients.

Whitelabelling options are available, allowing you to place your business logo to our menu, and your support details will be available in one click within both our desktop application and the online portal.

If you do happen to want to read some marketing text, you can check out a PDF of our promotional flyer here.

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Please note that KoalaBrain comes with no support - it is intended for I.T. service providers to vet and make available to their clients while providing their own support plans (and it's priced to reflect that).

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