Coinscanner Pro

CoinScanner Pro in operation

Rotating, cropping, merging and entering stock data - in one step

Rapidly scans, rotates, crops and merges, resulting in great looking images and increasing the rate at which product images can be captured and edited - meaning more products listed and sold

System requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10/WIA Compatible flatbed scanner

What can it do?

  • Scan one or both sides of multiple items placed in a scanner
  • Apply crop, rotation and merge both sides of the item into one image
  • Optionally apply a watermark to the merged image
  • Save resulting image as JPG or PNG format image file
  • Record the generated file name into an excel spreadsheet, optionally prompting for additional price or product details to also be entered in the spreadsheet

CoinScanner Pro automates the capture, rotate, crop, merge, naming and saving workflows for creating product images for eCommerce - perfect for coins, banknotes, stamps, and other small items.

CoinScanner Pro is currently used by several online retailers to quickly produce quality images of their coin stock for use on their websites and eBay.