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KoalaBrain Point Of Sales
Reporting, and Shop Management

Software built to work the way you want

KoalaBrain provides simple and extensible networked, touch friendly and affordable Point Of Sales Software for Windows 10

KoalaBrain can be used alongside existing Office productivity software, email clients and web browsers.

There's no need to dedicate a computer to processing sales only, especially if space is limited. Screen sizes from tablets to the largest widescreen displays are supported.

Electronic sales receipts can be issued to customers via scannable codes for their mobile devices, reducing receipt paper waste and saving you money.

Deploy signage, advertisements and prices on big screen TVs or spare computer monitors, using KoalaBrain online to keep the displayed content up to date.

We let our software speak for itself

Unlimited Free Trials and Accessible Documentation

Free KoalaBrain trials are available to download, and all of our support documentation is public. Our affordable prices can be found on our Online Portal, where you can purchase licenses or start a trial.

Fast Setup

Turn your computer into a Point of Sales solution in minutes

You can install KoalaBrain in a few minutes and then check out our thorough documentation to see if our solution is appropriate for your business or your clients.

As Connected as you want

Utilise online features, or don't - it's up to you.

KoalaBrain Online provides complementary tools for managing your software licenses, digital signage, online reporting and emailed customer invoices. If you do not wish to connect your till to this service, it is entirely opt-in and is only required for license purchases.